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[25 Feb 2008|09:18pm]
Hi, I'm Angel and I think all my friends are worthless. It doesn't matter if you're from Lake Orion or from Chicago, I still think you smell and are stupid. Especially my best friends. I was joking when I said I love you guys. I really hate everyone. Silver and gold my ass.

The only thing I love in this world is having sex with animals. Especially dogs and cats. I used to use Jam's tail as a vibrator.

I also eat my own vomit.
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[25 Feb 2008|09:18pm]
I smell like poop. I haven't showered for 32 days and I'm getting ready to start another 32 days. i'm a total BIOTCH
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i never use this anymore [13 Aug 2006|04:33pm]
[ mood | busy ]

so i will use it today. this summer has been crazy...the past 2 weeks have been pretty effing busy too. this entire week i have gotten up and done so much shit till i am exhausted. moving in with brad has been interesting, he isnt even here though. i go home on the 18th for a week, i need to go home by myself for once. i keep taking my friends with me and dont get me wrong, i love them but i need to do this one alone. ok i have nothing else to say. i am boring. i am going to a snipster party tonight at the same place as the last 2. dear god. maybe i can get my hands on some of alix's bday present. woohoo.


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new prospects. [15 May 2006|11:52am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

so school is over now and i have had an amazing weekend thus far, i hope it is the precurosor for this summer and a symbol of whats to come. saturday was great, brett threw a BBQ without the BBQ, we baked our food well lauren did because she was back from australia! we just sat around, smoked (smoked a nice blunt too) and then everyone came over and we just ate, (i watched americas next top model marathon-love the TYRA!) then we went to elisas b-day party and her and alanas apartment. i didnt really drink, rachel gave me a beer, the party was fine, crowded but ok. i knew alot of people there but i just wasnt into it as much but it was nice to see elisa for her b-day. then we decided to leave that party and go to another one on albion.

so we gather up our friends, some freshman kids, some of tim's russian class friends and we realize there are like 20 of us all going to this party. we walk up to the building and the kid that was throwing it (steve...so hot right now) looks at us all and instead of being like get the fuck away from my house all of you, he is like GET THE FUCK IN HERE!! THE PARTYS STARTING!!! it was so fun, (i saw that hot kid that lives above brett, i am in love because a.) he was wearing a pistons shirt and b.) he knew every word to T.I. what you know?) we just danced and talked to people that we wont be seeing next year because they are all going away to rome, it makes me sad to see all of them leave but this weekend was an excuse to get to know the people i wanted to know more about but the politics of social circles, it seems like they are finally coming together.

sunday i woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon because i was exhausted after the previous night of dancing. i got ready and caroline, time and alexis came over, it was nice to have people over at my house, then caroline left, alix showed up, everyone left i washed a shitload of dishes (they were disgusting) and then kendall picked me up with tim and alexis and we wnet on a bowl cruise to evanston, we get high go to whole foods and buy food and then we drove around and tried to kidnap a northwestern kid and tel him we were from the future and he has to get in the car now or else something horrible was going to happen to him and the entire world. god, too funny. we went to tims and watched KIDS which was suppose dto be super disturbing but it didnt fuck me up really. i guess i know shit like that happens to people, i dont need a film to show me.

so this weekend i got to know some really awesome people. i got to know luke alot better and he is fantastic, what were we doing with our lives before ths kid? haha. anyways he is organizing a "refugee" group for all of us kids not going to study abroad next year. i am happy because they are a diverse group of people. i need to branch out, i am so comfortable in this spot right now because i love my friends but this will be the best possible thing for me, i am excited for next year, and even more excited for this summer. ok this entry was way too fucking long. jesus.


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its summer vacaion for me!!!!!! [13 May 2006|01:28pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

finally, i am done with exams and stress and bullshit, if only i could get rachel to move out sooner then my life would pretty much be perfect. so i finished exams, i got back my grades, they are like all Bs. jeeeeez. i wanted A's but its better considering how shitty i have done in the past. its ok summer classes i will do even better. i swear.

so its summer and i feel a little lost, like i am supposed to be doing something and i dont know what that is. i dont have any obligations (except that i swear i have to see just my luck today). i had a really good night yesterday. i went out to dinner with tim, alexis, katie robinson, laura and jon. PICK ME UP and steve (my favorite waiter) was our waiter. i have such a crush on him, and i fucking see him everywhere, on the EL, downtown...everywhere. we went to smoke dreamz and alexis bought this beautiful piece. the guy gave us a discount because me and him have the same b-day, FEBRUARY 19th FECK YEAH! we just hung out at tims and i came home and talked to brad on the phone for fucking forever. i wonder what my policy is, does free nights and weekends mean free for only verizon users or does it mean everyone? shit, if not...shit. oh well. its summer who cares!

i got my first loyola class on 2010 friend request today, i accepted him but then it made me feel really old. I AM A FUCKING JUNIOR! hot damn. where did this year go, where did my teenage years go? i feel old. i fucking woke up with a migraine, its so painful, i have been lying in bed for 2 hours doing nothing because my head is killing me even though i took my imitrex. sarah is coming here monday, i am super excited. maybe i should go and shower???


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yadayadayadayada [11 May 2006|11:39am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

guess what???? i got an A- on my dramaturgy paper, feck yeah! best grade in that class for me so far, one exam down, 3 more to go! i am nervous for italian! 2 hours left!

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feck feck feck [10 May 2006|11:07am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

so the managment is showing my apartment to some jake-aces in less than an hour and the sink is full of disgusting dishes...hmmmmmmm. wonder why? i don't get it, you eat off the dish then you wash it and put it back. my life would have been 100x better if i had a fucking dishwasher. and seriously, my roommate always says everyday "oh yeah i'm going to do those dishes while you are at work, i want to do them." dont make fucking promises you have no intention of keeping, needless to say, i cant wait till alix moves in because my life will be a hell of a lot less aggrivating.

so last night i come home and rachel had left that message that the people needed to show the apartment so i rush home and burst through the door and say "shit rachel we have to start cleaning now!" well rachel is sitting at the table smoking pot with her friends then they proceed to leave to go buy beer, i tell them not to come over here, i have homework and shit so she goes and out and drinks while i slave away on my fucking hands and knees cleaning the god damned apartment. fuck fuck fuck.

anyways, i think i m going to go step on her face to wake her up and shove the dish scrubber down her throat. maybe she will wake up. not to mention i have to exams tomorrow and two exams on friday. needless to say i am looking forward to the weekend because i thnk brad is coming into town, and my cousin chris is coming to visit AND on monday sarah is coming to vist...then i get to go home with her on thursday. if wish i could say TGIF right now. so yeah i am going to be in Lake Orion for the latter part of next week will who know when, so give me a call and maybe we can hang out.


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one more week... [06 May 2006|05:45pm]
this past week has been pretty good, just studying working, hanging out with everyone. LOST kinda made my week. it was fantastic. yesterday was great too. pauline came into the city, we hung out with caroline, smoked. the usual. pauline and i rushed off to belmont at 5:40, got sinbads for dinner, then found jon a b-day gift and walked to the metro. we saw pretty girls nake graves, they were fantastic. we had a b-day celebration for jon at clarkes with tim, danny, caroline, pauline and brett. it was nice. i have to go babysit now. g d u
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what you know about that??? [23 Apr 2006|02:59pm]
[ mood | awake ]

this weekend has been pretty fantastic. i went downtown friday to columbia to take lyndz out to dinenr for her b-day (which was 4/20) and caroline came too. we went to fado, this irish pub off of grand and it was pretty good then me and lyndz wandered around walgreens and read tabloids then proceeded to the movie theater to see Brick which was fantastic in my opinion. it was very smart, the imagery was really beautiful and the dialogue was insane. its like a muder mystery detective film from the 1940s because they talk like dick tracy but they are modern day high school kids. joseph gordon levitt and lucas haas, really really good.

then we went to tims new apartment and sat on the roof and smoked out of bette midler (i had to transport her in my backpack because she is too big for my purse!) and we sang rent and watched the emperors new groove. we are so lame but i love it. i like tim's apartment, it feels really confortable and this summer we are all going to have so much fucking fun.

yesterday lyndz stuck around because she spent the night and we went to see silent hill (horrible) it didnt really make sense, it wasnt that scary, the only scary things were those demon things that walked all fucked up and shit, that scared me especially when alix and lyndsey walk like that. i think the real world is more frightening than that movie. walking home from the movie theater is scarier than a fucking movie. its real. we went over to bretts after that and jon had made a beer bong, i declined though. we went to tims after that and left eventually at like 3:30. then me and lyndz had another sleep over and we were up talking about the past until 5 in the morning. i have been up way too late lately.

ok now i need to go read Promised Lands because i have a fucking book report due on in on friday. kill me.

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thank god for adderall [19 Apr 2006|08:23pm]
[ mood | busy ]

i am going to have a crazy few weeks coming up and i am just getting over a crazy good weekend.

highlights of deroit rock city:
singing RENT on the way there
hanging up on brad and laughing till it hurt
brie, bread, olives, and wine
hottub + cigars + drunken mother
alix puking 3 times in the target strip mall plaza for no apparent reason
joints and more joints
simple life
being with bradleigh, rachel, and the apprentice till 3 am
the cottage and the beach
iron chef and cranium competitions
thrift store treasures (vintage coat with mink trim and a roxy music cassete)
more coney islands and smoking
smoking in effing restaurants
the drive back with the slo mo sing along

i am exhausted and the week has barely begun. too much homework. i register for classes tomorrow: comparative psych, ethics, human origins, psych stats, contemporary american fiction, adolescent psych. damn its gonna be extreme. 6 classes. WOOHOO for growing up!


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this weather is fantastic [12 Apr 2006|11:44am]
[ mood | chipper ]

i dont think today could get any better right now. the weather is so perfect! i am done with classes, my last was cancelled. i did decent on my psych test and i can still do corrections. i think i am going to venture south by myself today for some alone time. this weather is making be get out and do shit every day. monday i worked then we went and saw RENT. then yesterday i didnt do much but that was just because i had a marble/crystal antique lamp fall on my temple and nearly knock me out at 8:45 in the morning. i had a giant welt the size of a golf ball on my forehead i had to cover with my hair. THANK GOD FOR BANGS!! then i got lost in the library and went to evanston for reading, coffee and trashy tabloids. ok now i gotta go get ready to face the day!


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life and shit [09 Apr 2006|03:04pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

so this weekend kinda blows dogs for quarters. firday was ok until the hippies tripping on acid showed up at 3 am at my apartment. seriously fuck them. i am so sick of people living in a fucking dream world. its great to have big aspirations and to be idealistic but sometimes they are just so fucking stupid and backwards. i hate it when people talk and talk and talk and then there is no action! and i hate hippies walking into my house tripping in the middle of the night. i live here too and no one seems to realize that when i tell you to get out, seriously get the fuck out of my house because i dont care if your tripping on acid. go frolick around campus or something but get out of my sight.

they burned a hole in my vintage kitchen table. i cried and threw a fit. fucking hookah, piece of shit, damned hippies. its too much, it was the one thing i loved in this apartment, and now its ruined. no one respects my belonings so if that is the case they can't use them. if you cant fucking wash the dish when you are done with it then you cant eat on it. simple as that. i was really upset yesterday and georgie came over to my place and got me out of the houe for "a quick trip to costco and h&m". well it turned into a lot more and i am so happy he made me leave this place because i was about to explode.

first we walked to costco from the diversey brown line not really knowing how far of a walk it would be. it was really like 1.5 miles. that was cool though, it felt good to be outdoors with fresh air and a clear head. we snuck into costco specifically for icecream and berry smoothies because neither of us have a membership. then we decided we would just walk towntown from lincoln park. we just followed clybourn all the way into the gold coast. we went from lincoln park to what we like to call "babies town" like boys town because for like 2 miles it was all baby stores, really nice nice area though. people with lots of money and lots of a babies i guess. we went into a toy store and bought shit too. god it was so nice to be with georgie because he knows exactly how to make you feel better.

we were walking on the edge of cabrini green too on the descent into the city. we made it to borders of north ave. and then to tempo for dinner at 4 and finally h&m to get birthday gifts for our little brothers. so rogers park > lincoln park > babies town > cabrini green > gold coast. such a magical journey. about 5.5 miles total. it was great. we also went to joan cusacks building downtown. we wanna meet her. hahahaha. ok i have a marx test tomorrow. i need to stop wasting my time with LJ.


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life is fleeting [05 Apr 2006|12:59am]
so my week is gonna suck, i have 2 tests, 2 papers. i hate this week. a kid i graduated with died today. it seems like people my age are just dying lately. i don't want to die at 20. there is so much more out there for me to experience. i dont know its just weird to hear about people u knew for like 7 years of your life dying so suddenly. i guess all we can do is appreciate the time we have the people we surround ourselves with. i just feel really bad for his family because he was really close with them. i think i need to reestablish my family relations. its hard to do from chicago. but i need to call my parents more often and tell them i love them. i guess thats it.
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not another monday [03 Apr 2006|01:43pm]
[ mood | blank ]

i can't wait for these 6 weeks to pass. i am sick of school and i am sick of having to run on a schedule or even care what day it is. i need summer now. the weather was so whack this weekend. and the time change fucked me up because i stayed up till 6 saturday night, slept till 330 on sunday afternoon, couldnt sleep again until 3 last night and then ended up sleeping through my alarm and first class this morning. ugh, i am sick of school. i am kinda happy i am not taking summer classes. i would like to take italian. i actually like that language and i really want to go there.

this weekend was decent i guess. nothing new, nothing really happening. i am listening to joanna newsom, she is really great. very relaxing. she kinda sounds like a child but i like her harp. her lyrics are really more like poetry. i wish i could write poetry, i dont really like poetry though. but thats probably because i can't write or wouldnt know where to start. i mean its ok, but i always viewed it as a lesser form of writing. but what do i know? i guess i am dying to be creative. loyola isnt exactly a creative place. its intellectually stimulating which i think is incredibly important to be well educated in many fields of academia but i need to branch out and do alot more. i'm talking painting, making movies, going to the museums, seeing independent films...i need money for that shit. anyways, i dont really have much to say, i feel pretty good about this week. alot of work involved, like 2 papers and a test but i can do it (i hope).


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ahhhhhh this is annyoing [01 Apr 2006|02:19pm]
[ mood | calm ]

i hate not having money, i didnt budget well these past 2 weeks. i have like 110 for the next 5 days. i mean i can deal with that, its more than enough but i wish i hadnt eaten out or bought so much cigarettes. its ok, when we go to detroit for easter i will stop in indianna and get a carton, i am sick of paying so much for cigarettes in the city. its like 8 bucks for a pack of american spirits. i mean i take out a twenty and get 12 back almost every time i take out money. its ridick. i should just quit. someday.

other than that little complaint, things arent too bad this weekend. i serously woke up at 1 in the afternoon. thats just crazy, i never sleep that long. i just really want to chill and keep it relaxed after this weeks drama, i just need a break from bullshit. last night was great. me and alix went to belmont and walked around with rachel and will for a bit. then me and alix had some time to blow so we went into osco and smelled all the shampoos and looked at the different types of dental floss and just crap like that. then she got food and we came back to the apartment and i went to carolines to pick up some DP. the rest of the night was good. we just smoked bongs, drank guiness and watched boondock saints with alexis. i really liked that movie. it was pretty fucking badass. long, but badass.

other than that nothing else is new. i am going to hang with lyndsey today and seth said he is djing here in the city tonight so i am gonna try to find time to see him too. gotta love having a little bit of home here in the big city.


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i was late because i was high [29 Mar 2006|11:58pm]
[ mood | calm ]

talking to p weinerz always clears my head, she is like a childhood friend to me. two peas in a pod. we should get that tattooed on us. we were just talking about life, love, relationships (or our lack of them) and i was thinking i dont see why everyone is so desperate to be with someone. the older i get the more i understand the saying you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you (thanks cath tonyan for that). everyones so desperate for something with someone because they are empty. i dont see how such a fucked up idea can work. everyone needs to know themselves and be ok on their own. being independent in every way is something i value so much (thus my extensive efforts to stay in the city). i think i need to work on being ok with myself sometimes. i need to jumpstart my life right now, shock the life back into me. i feel like i am watching the same movie everyday. my friendships are crumbling beneath my feet and its upsetting but maybe pauline was right, maybe i need to go it alone.

anyways i know that shit was really fucking random but i just need to write in this piece every once in while. my summer plans are shaping up more and more each day. aubrey is gonna try to hook me up with her nanny job, MWF 12 to 6. 12 bucks an hour nannying. i love it. i love working with kids, its so rewarding to have an impact and teach someone else. thats one thing i need to continue with my life, i never want to stop teaching but especially i never want to stop learning. can't i just be a student forever? anyways, summer...alix is gonna move in with me i think in may. team motherbitch headquarters right here. other than that, i plan on working alot, smoking alot, going to many concerts and random festivals downtown. if only it was nice and cool in the summer instead of treacherously humid. oh well.

loves it- angel

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note to self: [22 Mar 2006|11:25pm]
keep in mind the seasons are changing.
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when will the madness end? [22 Mar 2006|03:58pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

i am sick of everyone fighting lately. i dunno i was just thinking about a year ago and how excited i was for the future and talking to pauline about how happy we were to all be friends and feel like we actually had it figured out. these would be my friends for life. do we ever really have it figured out? how often are we happy these days? i guess i am just worn out and offended by everything and everyone. maybe i should sink into the life of a recluse. georgie did it. pauline did it. maybe i will too. if it werent for lyndsey and gina being out here, i dont think i would still be here either. if they still lived in michigan i bet i would move back in a heartbeat. i need a time machine.

regretfully yours-angel

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thus far... [21 Mar 2006|01:43pm]
[ mood | cold ]

this week is going to be a breeze, at least i hope, no more tests, no more stess, just straight chillin. seriously. i work today and thursday too but i get paid today! more money means a movie or concert or cds, things i dont purchase anymore because i used to spend my money on pot. i need to learn to manage my money more appropriatly. for example cigarettes, well the american spirits i smoke are seriously 7.90 now. fuck that, i dont know. i am going to buy a carton in indianna when i come home for easter break. i am so excited about that! me brett alix and nibs hitting the open road.

i saw the heart is decietful above all things, that movie seriously fucked me up. it was disturbing and sad and frustrating. i kept saying god i hate this movie yet its one of those films you cant stop watching because its horrible and scary. but i would still recommend it because it has michael pitt and jeremy cisto (or however u spell his name).

i had some talks with caroline this week about politics. needless to say it only solidfied my stance on well, life. i live in america and i am thankful i live in america and i am not going to fear the end of this nation because i live in the now and i do my best to get by. i enjoy my life too much to be bothered by our government. i dont like our government and i am liberal but i am a realist. i live here, now and tomorrow is a new day. i have always felt that to be able to have positive effect on others you must be happy with your own life, which i am. i couldnt be happier now so why should i worry? take my good friend pauline for example. pauline lived in the phillipines till she was like 8. she lived in deplorable conditions and america was her way out. this place represents a land of opportunity for so many and we dont know how fucking good we have it most the time. the world is fucked up place but in the words of the great anna nicole smith, "Quit your bitchin, and eat your pizza."

anyways i am going to lie down and read some HP6 now, i am already like 250 pages in and just started it. i love those damn books. wish i was a wizard. INCENDIO!!! its so cold here in my room. i freeze my arse off every night. oh well. back to nothingness.


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lets make this short and sweet [16 Mar 2006|10:58am]
[ mood | cold ]

i have to leave for class in 15 minutes and i am eating an orange and reading a play. i just found a pot stem under my sheets. weird. lately i am really sick of being in the middle and i realised i am easily swayed by either sides opinions when i am with them. i can't do that. it is my job to remain impartial because this effects me on many levels. i mean even for my hopeful future profession i think its incredibly important to see every side. i am sick of bullshit, drama, school, people, basically everything. my saving grace (pauline) is coming this weekend and is staying with me friday. i miss her so much because i can always go to her and she understands, she is as avoidant as me. friends like that hard to come by these days.

my spring break was pretty good, i would have liked to get out and be more social but i was trapped at home without a car for some of the time and sick with the stomach flu over the weekend. despite my challenges i managed to have a wonderful time with rach and sarah and everyone else. i miss them alot. i always wonder if i should go back and fuck chicago. i just dont see myself succeeding there right now as comforting as mchigan is to me. the only thing keeping me here are the people and i am questionging this idea, wondering if its a waste of time and effort, plus they are going away soon. next year is looking pretty bleak for me. i can be alone. i need new friends.


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